International Business

Rosario Consulting Group counsels businesses on international trade and foreign investment strategies.

Business operators increasingly operate on a global market. The international operations and the constant development of the legal tools available worldwide require a different look at the law and to the way operators are engaged in business transactions. In all these transactions, contracts need to be drafted and arrangements for financing must be made.

Rosario Consulting Group focuses on the legal aspects of commercial transactions, such as drafting contracts, insurance, financing, bank guarantees, insolvency issues and investments.

We have the knowledge and skills to oversee and manage complex international transactions with different legal implications.

Dispute Resolution

Rosario Consulting Group also advises on the various dispute resolution mechanisms and procedures available to commercial parties and Sovereigns.

In recent decades the expansion of international trade, has spawned a large number of different types of international disputes.

It is when a dispute arises between two or more foreign parties belonging to two or more different legal cultures that the difficulty starts. Rosario Consulting Group work begins right at the outset, at the contractual stage, where dispute resolution clause is a primary consideration and not an afterthought.

Rosario Consulting Group have extensive experience before all major arbitral institutions and arbitration rules in representing both investors and State parties in disputes arising under international law and investment treaties in a wide range of industry sectors, such as construction, oil & gas, mining, communications, defense, electricity, hospitality, manufacturing, mining, real estate development and telecommunications.

Foreign Investment

Given the growth and volume of foreign direct investment worldwide, it is critical that investors consider how their investments may be protected, and nations consider how to find a balance between investment and sustainable development.

The major issue in foreign investment is to protect the investment. The risks are innumerable. Rosario Consulting Group possesses an extensive knowledge of both the legal and cultural climates of their client's host investment country to help clients mitigate these risks and successfully navigate in these environments.

Rosario Consulting Group has significant experience working in Europe, Africa and South America.

Rosario Consulting Group is also engaged in a multitude of activities on behalf of clients:

  • Start-up and restructuring of business ventures
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions of companies
  • Joint ventures
  • Structuring and negotiation of complex deals
  • Financing and raising capital
  • Construction agreements
  • Master service agreements
  • Drilling agreements
  • Turnkey agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Sale and purchase of property
  • Commercial real estate land development
  • Commercial real estate leases and property management
  • Planning and zoning

Energy & Natural Resources

Rosario Consulting Group has strong expertise in assisting companies operating in the mining and oil & gas sectors, being constantly involved in advising clients on a broad range activities covering the entire spectrum of  activities involved in typical mining and oil & gas exploration and production processes both on-shore and at sea.

Our practice covers also any ancillary aspects involved in energy related transaction, including regulatory aspects, structuring and financing of the venture, distribution and transport of energy products, be it crude, gas, electricity or minerals.

Examples of our expertise include matters concerning:

  • Concession and development agreements
  • Venture agreements and mineral rights
  • Production sharing agreements
  • Risk service agreements
  • Farm-in agreements
  • Sale and purchase of natural gas, GTL and LNG
  • Operation of pipelines
  • Rehabilitation and conversion of dismissed mines
  • Conversion of mining vessels and construction of underwater crawlers
  • Support operations to oil platforms